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By Jules Verne

First entire English translation of Verne’s debut novel from 1863

One of the nice “first novels” in global literature is now to be had in an entire, actual English translation. ready by means of of America’s best Verne students, Frederick Paul Walter and Arthur B. Evans, this version honors not just Verne’s farseeing technology, but additionally his zest, variety, and storytelling brilliance. before everything released in 1863, 5 Weeks in a Balloon was once the 1st novel in what could develop into the author’s "Extraordinary Voyages" sequence. It tells the story of a 4,000-mile balloon journey over the mysterious continent of Africa, a visit that wouldn’t truly happen till good into the following century. Fusing event, comedy, and technological know-how fiction, 5 Weeks has the entire key components of vintage Verne: sly humor and cheeky characters, an leading edge clinical invention, a tangled plot that’s filled with suspense and shock, and visions of an unknown realm. As a part of the Early Classics of technology Fiction sequence, this serious version gains huge notes, the entire illustrations from the unique French version, and an entire Verne biography and bibliography. 5 Weeks in a Balloon may be a prized addition to libraries and technology fiction studying lists, and a must-read for Verne enthusiasts and steampunk connoisseurs.

“Five Weeks in a Balloon counts one of the dozen Verne books which are the main attention-grabbing for contemporary readers and critics, or even in French, no annotated or severe variation has ever seemed. Walter is on the leading edge of up to date translators.”—William Butcher, writer of Jules Verne: The Definitive Biography

“A bold event with large dollops of geographical, technological, and clinical info, touches of humor, and a sluggish build-up by means of one fascinating incident after one other. this can be crucial analyzing for Verneans in addition to the go-to textual content for traditional readers looking a correct translation of 1 of Verne’s preferred and important novels.”—Michael Dirda, writer of Classics for excitement and On Conan Doyle

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