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By Colleen McCullough

They have been blessed via the gods at delivery with wealth and privilege. In a time of cataclysmic upheaval, a daring new new release of Romans vied for greatness amid the disintegrating remnants in their loved Republic. yet there has been person who towered above all of them -- an excellent and lovely boy whose ambition was once unequaled, whose love used to be legend and whose glory used to be Rome's. A boy they'd in the future name "Caesar."

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Cinna entered the city at once. Whereas Marius refused to do so, stating that he was still officially an outlaw and would not move from the protection of his camp and soldiers until Cinna had not only repealed the decree of outlawry, but had succeeded in having Marius elected consul for the prophesied seventh time. Sertorius also refused to enter the city, but not because of events; the cousin of Marius, he had realized that Marius was mad, his brain eroded by that second stroke. , now only days away.

EXCITING ENTERTAINING ... INTRIGUING ... Artfully composed" Chicago Tribune "BRILLIANT ... FRESH ... OUTSTANDING ... REMARKABLE ... A brightly illuminated panorama of world history .. In McCullough's hands historical characters become fascinating, complex and credible figures who give the novel its real power... " Cleveland Plain Dealer "TRULY IMPRESSIVE ... Intrigue, political maneuvering, grandstanding, gossip, sex both affectionate and calculated, and wholesale slaughter . . " Booklist "WONDROUS HISTORY...

OPM 10 987654321 For Lieutenant Colonel the Reverend A. C. ) ca. 1100 A refugee from Troy, Aeneas established himself in Latium. Son. Iulus, became King of Alba Longa. 753-775 Romulus first King of Rome: built the Palatine city. 715-673 Numa Pompilius second King: created 100 senators, priestly colleges, made 10-month year a 12-month year. 673-642 Tullus Hostilius third King: built Senate House. 642-617 Ancus Marcius fourth King: built Wooden Bridge, fortified Janiculum, seized salt flats at Ostia for Rome.

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