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By Katina T. Lillios, Michael Chazan

This quantity honors the occupation and contributions of Andrew M.T. Moore. Moore’s groundbreaking paintings at Abu Hureyra, Syria and excavations at Neolithic websites in Croatia have made him a pioneer in built-in interdisciplinary examine in archaeology, expressing a deeply held conviction that advancements in human tradition can purely be understood while embedded in an ecological process. during this publication, colleagues and previous scholars of Moore, operating within the close to East and Croatia, current present examine, illustrating the continued impression of Moore’s paintings at the early farming and herding peoples of the japanese Mediterranean. Contents Preface: humans, panorama, and alter in Prehistory Michael Chazan and Katina Lillios Andrew M.T. Moore: A lifestyles in carrier of Archaeology and the Academy Katina Lillios Abu Hureyra 1 in Northwest Syria: “Periphery” not more Brian Boyd past due top Paleolithic and preliminary Epipaleolithic within the Marshlands: A View from Tor Sageer, Wadi al-Hasa, Jordan Deborah Olszewski A street good Travelled? Exploring Terminal Pleistocene Hunter-Gatherer actions, Networks, and Mobility in japanese Jordan Lisa Maher probability administration and glossy Rural Behaviour: Reconstructing Landscapes and Landuse in Neolithic Cyprus Sarah Tyrell Stewart The Neolithic in Dalmatia and Andrew M.T. Moore’s Contribution to its research Marko Mendušic Villages, Landscapes, and Early Farming in Northern Dalmatia Sarah McClure and Emil Podrug Navigating the Neolithic Adriatic Timothy Kaiser and Stašo Forenbaher Taking a Lévy stroll: Early Hominin Mobility within the decrease Paleolithic of the Southern Levant Liora Horwitz and Michael Chazan the normal Neolithic humans of Abu Hureyra Theya Molleson

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Wetlands would have provided predictable resources such as game, fresh water, and certain plant foods, and archaeological expectations of these contexts usually emphasize longerterm hunter-gatherer-forager use that manifests itself in year-round basecamps, such as is the situation at Ohalo II near the Sea of Galilee in the western Levant (Nadel 2002). However, there is variability in the types of wetlands, with those for the Wadi al-Hasa recently suggested to be in-stream wetlands contexts which would have provided a more limited set of resources compared to larger marsh systems (Winer 2010).

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