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What do the South Vietnamese executive, the Shah and Ferdinand Marcos have in universal? All have been allied to the U.S.; all defied democratic and liberal norms; and all 3 fell in a blaze, developing difficulties for the USA. those 3 instances - and one other eighteen extra - are the topic of pleasant Tyrants, the 1st research ever to survey the contentious, power challenge of U.S. executive family with pro-American authoritarian rulers.

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Public· opinion, the fifth factor, divides into two aspects. In the early stage of a discussion about a weakened Friendly Tyrant, the debate between those focusing on interests and those advancing humanitarian concerns tends to be fairly even, and more often mixes these considerations together in various proportions. Arguments based more on interests than human rights usually prevails, for they represent the status quo and usually obviate the need to take risks. But once the country - be it South Africa, the Philippines, or South Korea - becomes a matter of intense public scrutiny and is regularly covered on the network news, human rights considerations tend to predominate.

But in those years daily life in Cuba grew rife with violence (gangsterismo), and corruption was rampant. This is why, in 1952, some hailed Batista's second coup d'etat as a harbinger of renewed stability while others simply acquiesced in the new order. But from the mid-1950s on, Batista grew repressive, bloody, and greedy. He squandered his support and his villainy gave rise to numerous efforts to unseat him. One of these, which eventually became the center of the opposition, was led by Fidel Castro.

By inserting editorial views on these matters into the newscasts, television journalists can push a topic to the fore; they create issues rather than cover them. S. attitudes and policy toward the Philippines than did Philippine public opinion itself. S. policy with it. Fourth, the domestication and politicization of foreign policy has been aided by the emergence of new interest groups playing highly visible and active roles. Religious groups, human rights lobbies, associations of writers and actors, and others, receive little scholarly attention, 23 but their role is important and growing.

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