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In the courtroom or lecture hall, though, spoken language, can be just as formal and elaborated as written language, and is in some ways more demanding, as it takes place in ‘real time’. On paper, we can make alterations if we find a better way of saying something, whereas a wrong word cannot always be taken back once it is spoken. QXD 29/6/07 1:31 pm Page 36 USING PHONICS TO TEACH READING AND SPELLING Vygotsky’s theories: an update Vygotsky’s discovery of inner speech is one of the greatest linguistic achievements of the twentieth century.

Possible strategies include having them write what they know of a word, with a line underneath it to draw it to your attention for explanation, and giving positive rewards for adventurous and interesting vocabulary – Training materials from the National Literacy Strategy called them premier league words – whether or not the word is correctly spelled. You can then use Slimmed Down Spelling to explain the features of the words, and encourage the children to find some more that are like them. QXD 29/6/07 1:31 pm Page 45 3 F ■ SYNTHETIC PHONICS AND LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT URTHER READING ; Thought and Language, L.

The blending and word-building features of synthetic phonics are crucial to developing this control, as simply noting features, as in the analytic phonics approach, does not enable the children to apply what they have learned. QXD 29/6/07 1:31 pm Page 40 USING PHONICS TO TEACH READING AND SPELLING Once children have read or spelled a word using this approach, they then consolidate it by practice. Seen in this way, Frank Smith’s famous comment, ‘We learn to read by reading’ (1994: 169) has a grain of truth.

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