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1A The quiet strength of its curved lines, the solid support of its tall columns, the moderate proportions of its gables and transepts, even its absence of display, of effort, and of self-consciousness, satisfi them as no other art does. They come back to it to rest, after a long circle of pilgrimage– the cradle of rest from which their forefathers started. 15 Here though, they find that rest none too deep. The apex of the brownstone rose like a sugarloaf forty feet above the foundations, majestic and unfettered.

The sort of child you’d expect to see in a bassinet, snuggled into a fluffy pink blanket. I caught my breath. Stunned. The Greek gods tossed men like dice. Invoking spirits from the vast deep or calling up enormities from earthen elements, they made a rude fetish of cruelty. Their diabolism knew no bounds. zB I lightly brushed the child’s cheek with the back of my hand and marveled at ‘the delicacy of life. Like hymning angels chime, I whispered a prayer. And tears fell from my eyes like rain. 29 Just then, I heard the security guard coming.

There were no pathology labs in town that had business dealings with the clinic. There were no In the Heat of the Fight 21 bio-medical incinerator services. Like so many other abortuaries around the country, this clinic had little choice but to hurl its victims into the garbage. ss That, I’d expected. The guard, the gun, the chase – well, that was another story altogether. I had heard of incidents, from time to time, of overwrought clinic operators or staff doctors wildly wielding handguns in the face of pro-life opposition.

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