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By Raymond Van Dam

The 1st translation into English of 1 of Gregory's 8 books of miracle tales, which incorporates a sequence of anecdotes in regards to the lives and cults of martyrs.

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In this way the fertility of the coming year is revealed. If only a little oil flows [from his tomb], the land will produce few crops; but if the oil was plentiful, it signifies that the fields will produce many crops. For they say that in some years so much oil gushed from his tomb that a torrent flowed into the middle of the church. P But when the oil flows, it offers such a strong fragrance to [people's] noses that you might think a collection of many different spices had been sprinkled there.

The relics of St John in the village of Langeais Within the territory of Tours, at the village of Langeais, a woman who lived there made up dough on the Lord's Day and formed a loaf of bread. After separating her coals she covered the loaf with glowing cinders for baking. As she did this, immediately her right hand was scorched by divine fire and began to bum. Screaming and weeping, she went to the church of this village in which relics of the blessed John [the Baptist] were kept. She prayed at length and vowed that on this day consecrated by the divine name she would never again work, but would devote it only to prayer.

The relics of the blessed Mary Previously I saw a man named Johannes who had departed from Gaul as a leper. He said that he had waited for an entire year at that spot where I said the Lord had been baptized. Frequently he washed himself in the river; when his skin was transformed for the better, he was cured and restored to his earlier health. From Jerusalem he received relics of the blessed Mary. He set out for his fatherland but decided first to visit Rome. As soon as he entered the vast mountains of Italy, he met bandits.

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