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By Zoltán Dörnyei, Tim Murphey

The examine of 'group dynamics' is a colourful educational box, overlapping assorted disciplines. it's also hugely correct to language schooling as the luck of school room studying is especially a lot depending on how scholars relate to one another, what the study room weather is like, what roles the instructor and the freshmen play and, extra as a rule, how good scholars can co-operate and speak with one another. This leading edge e-book addresses those matters and gives sensible suggestion on how you can deal with language learner teams in a fashion that they turn into cohesive and efficient groups.

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Ask for help if you need it. Ask others for their ideas. Pay attention to and respect other people's opinions. Consult your team-mates before making a decision. Don't be impatient with the others. Be brief in discussions. Do not dominate. Make sure everybody participates. (Madeline Ehrman and ZoltaÂn DoÈrnyei 1998:264) Managing the class: Rules, norms and discipline How can we change unproductive norms? What shall we do if we notice that the class has evolved a norm that is counterproductive or damaging?

7 for practical tips on how to do this). Contact refers to situations where learners can meet and communicate spontaneously ± an obvious factor to promote relationships. Examples of high contact situations include the time spent in meeting places such as cafeterias or the various outings and other extracurricular activities the school organises. Interaction is more than contact; it refers to special contact situations in which the behaviour of each person in¯uences the others. This interdependence is a powerful gelling agent.

In other, control groups, praise was directed to the whole class. The results were striking: when all students were asked to list friends in their classes, students in the odd-numbered seats in the experimental classrooms received signi®cantly more friendship choices than students in the even-numbered seats. In the control groups ± as expected ± there was no difference between students sitting in odd- and even-numbered seats. e. the teacher's) relationship with each student is not merely a private matter but is being modelled by other students.

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