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By Janet Shibley Hyde, Nicole Else-Quest

Delivering a transparent, accomplished presentation, part THE HUMAN adventure, 8E provides an authoritative research of classical and the most up-tp-date study from a feminist psychology perspective. It completely examines the stability of cultural and organic similarities--and differences--between the genders, noting how those features could impact problems with equality in addition to how women and men behave towards each other. It offers a powerful starting place for knowing the affects of gender, race, and ethnicity on psychology and society, in addition to ideas for considering significantly approximately popular culture as opposed to educational feminism because it pertains to psychology.

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Throughout mythology the male is seen as normative, the female as a variant or deviation. That is, the male is the important one, the major representative of the species, the “normal” one, and the female is a variation on him. As Simone de Beauvoir (1952) expressed it, woman is the Other. In the biblical creation story (Genesis 2), Adam, the man, is created first; Eve, the woman, is later fashioned out of his rib, almost as an afterthought. In this and many other creation myths, man is created first; he is the major, important part of the species.

An unsuccessful artist who had always resented being a woman came to treatment very depressed and anxious at having allowed herself to become pregnant. Her husband had recently become extremely successful, and her envy of and competition with him were enormous, especially since she was blocked in her own professional development. She felt that the best way to “show up” her husband was to do the one thing he could not do—bear a child. She expressed only hatred and contempt for her mother, who had been a dependent, ineffectual housebound woman.

For both genders at this time, the mother is the chief object of love. It is during the phallic stage, around the ages of 3 to 6, that the development of boys and girls diverges. As one might suspect from the name for this stage, females will be at somewhat of a disadvantage in passing through it. During the phallic stage, the boy becomes fascinated with his own penis. It is a rich source of pleasure and interest for him. A critical occurrence during the phallic stage is the formation of the Oedipal complex, named for the Greek myth of Oedipus, who unknowingly killed his father and married his mother.

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