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During this quantity, that's devoted to H. Seifert, are papers in line with talks given on the Isle of Thorns convention on low dimensional topology held in 1982.

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Ii) In [P1], we have defined d(X) as the ratio EIIXII2/o(X)2. 9 below this is equivalent to the above definition. d. with dim E = N, we know (cf. Chapter 3) that 7r2(IE) < N1/2. 15) that EIIXII (EIIXII2)1/2 < N1/2 SUP {(EI((X)I2)1/2I( E BE. } . Therefore we have d(X) < N = dim E. 4 reduces the task of proving Dvoretzky's Theorem for E to that of exhibiting E-valued Gaussian variables X with large dimension d(X). More precisely, let us denote by ne(X) the largest integer n such that there is an n-dimensional subspace F C E satisfying d(F, 4) < 1 + e.

4) 1 det(1 + eu-1T)I < (1 + ea(T))n. 2) a*(u-1) < n. On the other hand, we have trivially n = tru-lu < a(u)a*(u-1), hence a(u) = 1 and a*(u-1) = n. As an illustration, we derive a classical result of Auerbach. 3. Let E be a normed space of dimension n. There is a basis x1, ... 5) V(c) E Rn sup kaiI <_ II n aixiIl <_ E jail. 2 with the norm a(xl,... xn) = supllxill. 2, and by homogeneity there exists a basis xl,... , xn in E such that the biorthogonal functionals x*,... , xn satisfy max llxill = 1 and E llxE lI = n.

We will write simply LP for Lp(1l, P). Note that S is dense in LP for all0

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