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However, we can equally well assume an electromagnet, that is a coil round a magnetic circuit, and thus establish two distinct instances (Fig. 39). r r v 1 Fig. 39. c. motor. a= series-wound; b = shunt-wound; 1 =coil; 2 = armature; 3 = commutator. v 2 3 a l 2 3 b In the first instance (a) in Fig. 39 we have what is called a series motor and in the second instance (b) a shunt motor (the coil is called a field coil or stator winding). f. virtually equals the supply voltage (Fig. 40). C1>,nm b Fig.

Thus the power supply is interrupted. Reconnecting it involves repairing the soldered joint. Pre-soldered eyelets which can easily be fitted between two flat springs are sometimes used for the purpose. Fig. 16. Temperature fuse. 1 = metal strips; 2 =eyelet; 3 = soldered joint. 9 Transformers Transformers belong to the group of electromagnetic components. c. current and voltage applications. For particulars of their operating principle and basic construction, see Vol. 1, Chapter 4. Briefly, a transformer is capable of transferring energy in such a way that the electrical energy delivered to it is converted first into magnetic, and then back into electrical, energy.

A certain distance clear of, the cathode in the manner of a spiral spring. The circuit diagram and associated characteristics of such a tube-a triodewill be seen in Fig. 43. Ia t a -l'a b Fig. 43. Triode. a. Connections; 1 =grid. band c. Characteristics. -~ c 48 HANDBOOK OF PRECISION ENGINEERING The tube in operation may be envisaged as follows (Fig. 43b). The characteristic designated V91 refers to the situation before the grid is connected and is therefore a diode characteristic. When the grid is brought to a potential more negative than the cathode the electrons travelling between cathode and grid encounter a force which drives them back and which can only be overcome by raising the anode potential, thereby shifting the characteristic to the right (Fig.

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