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They even got Cardinal Bellarmine to deliver one of these clap-traps in 1599. Bmonius wns present. ” In Bouhours you will find the remainder of’tbis trick as $layed off cm +hat &c&on, ending in a clamour of the Jesuited devotees of Rome, and their immediate worship of Ignatius as a saint u as soon as they knew what Barmius and Bellarmim hod done ” at the tomb of Ignatius ! Oh, ‘tis a disgusting thing, this Jesuitism-tho soul sickens and the I~mt grows sad. l,pace, ii. 24i-249. -Ib. 1 Dec. xxxiii.

Other decrees, of curious import, were passed in the Congregation. “l It was in this Congregation that the high terms of the Jesuit g&&tuition were tariffed, as I have stated in a preceding page ; but the multiplication of colleges was again objected to, like many other abuses-and in like manner, all to no purpose. “a This is a curious fact. nonised, atzd resolved to prosecute the scheme u&o achievement. , struck with all he heard of Father Ignatius, felt himself impelled to honour him with a special worship, and to cause him to be honoured by all the faithful.

In 1tiOF, I‘ I will apprise your Majesty as soon na the pope has come to a decision. wd. tiu Pcwon,, 430, ed. Paris, 1623. and the respective cllampions with their partisaus. zle for the Jesuits to be violently opposed (and I am decidedly of the cont,rary opinion) it is curious to note its origin in their time-serving, placeserving expediency. With party-purposes they debited specious arguments for the (: sovereignty of the people ” and in defence of “ regicide “-with the intention of promoting the interests of Spain and of the popedom.

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