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By Ana C Jarvis, Raquel Lebredo, Francisco Mena-Ayllon

This hugely available, doable software is basic for teachers, educating assistants, and scholars. identified for its succinct and distinctive grammar factors, its presentation of high-frequency and useful vocabulary, and total flexibility, Hola, amigos! maintains to keep up its allure with teachers despite their most popular method. this system is designed to advance scholars' skill to speak successfully in Spanish in various events in addition to to bolster cultural expertise and competence. It deals a whole scope and series, but is short adequate for use successfully for a two-semester path. The 7th version positive aspects all-new artwork and video courses in addition to more desirable integration and presentation of tradition. All parts are absolutely built-in with the flexibleness to deal with a number scheduling components, touch hours, direction targets, and talent degrees.

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Ella habla español. Plural nosotros(as) vosotros(as) Uds. ellos ellas habl- amos habl- áis habl- an habl- an habl- an Nosotros(as) hablamos español. Vosotros(as) habláis español. Uds. hablan español. Ellos hablan español. Ellas hablan español. —¿Qué idioma hablan Uds. con el profesor? —Hablamos español. ” Native speakers usually omit subject pronouns in conversation because the ending of each verb form indicates who is performing the action described by the verb. The context of the conversation also provides clues as to whom the verb refers.

7. 8. 52 Ϫ 20 ϭ 200 Ϫ 30 ϭ 65 Ϫ 35 ϭ 80 Ϫ 35 ϭ 9. 10. 11. 12. 16 ϩ 56 ϭ 40 ϩ 22 ϭ 200 Ϫ 10 ϭ 200 Ϫ 100 ϭ B. Números de teléfono Ask three or four classmates their phone numbers. To give a phone number, say the first number alone and the rest in pairs. This pattern is common in many Spanish-speaking countries. ◆ MODELO: —¿Cuál es tu número de teléfono? —Es el 9–24–85–97. 6. Telling time (La hora) ◆ The following word order is used for telling time in Spanish: Es la or y + Son las hour + or ◆ Lección 2 It is a quarter after one.

I work in the morning and she works at night. Para los horarios de aviones (planes), trenes, autobuses y algunas (some) invitaciones, se usa el sistem a de veinticuatro horas. Por ejemp lo, las cuatro de la tarde son las dieciséis hor as. ◆ ¿Hay un sistem a similar en este país? Práctica y conversación For more practice with lesson topics, see the related activities on the ¡Hola, amigos! com/PIC/holaamigos7e. A. ¿Qué hora es? Give the time indicated on the following clocks, writing out the numerals in Spanish.

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