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By Bryan Chapell

"Be Holy, simply because i'm holy." --1 Peter 1:16 How can God anticipate us to be as holy as he's? isn't really it unrealistic, on condition that he's infinitely natural and we're essentially imperfect? any such regular turns out both to disregard our frailty or to impose sure failure--until we know the way God perspectives us. Then we're reminded that, because of what Christ complete on our behalf, our perfection isn't the requirement for coming into his nation. but that very grace nonetheless calls us to dwell righteously--for the sake of our health and wellbeing, certain, yet so much of all, since it glorifies God. during this difficult but heartwarming paintings, Bryan Chapell illustrates the foundations of grace, the practices of religion, and the reasons of affection in dwelling a lifetime of holiness. you are going to trip via reassuring Scripture passages that express reliable works and obedience to be, no longer a way of creating or preserving salvation, yet a thankful reaction to God's mercy. And in Bryan Chapell's encouraging words--drawn directly from the guts of God--you will remember the fact that your holiness isn't really quite a bit a question of what you in achieving because it is the grace that God offers. A grace so wealthy as to make the pursuit of his holiness your soul's private pride.

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16 Just as it was our tendency before we were believers to judge our status by our past sin, it remains our tendency as believers to judge our sta- UNITED FOR LIFE 55 tus by our present wrongdoing. But since Christ’s love and atoning sacrifice never cease to operate in my behalf, Christ continues to be my identity and the “me” characterized by my performance continues to be dead (Rom. 6:8-11). The identity established by my works is already dead, and my identity created by Christ’s righteousness will always live.

I look back on the events of that night in virtual disbelief of my own immaturity. How could I have been so willing to put my family at such great risk for a few dollars’ savings? How could I have let temporal worry about money consume me when I believed in a God who had secured my eternity? How could I have vented so vehemently and unfairly at the wisdom of my precious wife, when I was the one who had been wrong? My actions fill me with shame even as I recount them these many years later. I would have trouble facing them even now were it not for my assurance that heaven has already put my guilt on Christ’s cross.

The answer: “ . . ”10 This is precisely the motivation evident in the leper. He turns away 32 HOLINESS BY GRACE from the self-absorbed course of the others in his group because of his compelling desire to express his gratitude to Jesus. 11 Compelling love If the primary reason that we honor God is our profit, then we will discover there are many occasions where honoring him offers us no apparent benefit. In those moments we will turn from his ways unless what motivates us is a desire to honor God for his grace rather than a seeking after our own benefit.

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