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Gender Play in Mark Twain: Cross-dressing and Transgression (Mark Twain and His Circle Series)

Twain bothered gender in a lot of his in a different way conventional fiction, depicting teenagers whose sexual identities are switched at start, tomboys, same-sex married undefined, or even a male French painter who impersonates his personal sister and turns into engaged to a different guy. Morris examines and translates Twain s exploration of characters who transgress gendered conventions whereas tracing the measure to which issues of gender disruption have interaction with different issues, resembling his critique of race, his main issue with loss of life in his vintage boys books, and his career-long preoccupation with twins and twinning.

Handbook of Gender and Women's Studies

The instruction manual of Gender and Women's stories provides a finished and interesting overview of the latest advancements in the box, together with the examine of masculinity, the feminist implications of postmodernism, the 'cultural flip' and globalization. The authors assessment present examine and supply severe analyses of women's and gender experiences in paintings, the welfare nation, kin, schooling, faith, violence and conflict and feminist international politics.

Gender: An Ethnomethodological Approach

Kessler and McKenna convincingly argue that gender isn't a mirrored image of organic fact yet relatively a social build that varies throughout cultures. worthy for its insights into gender, its broad remedy of transsexualism, and its ethnomethodological strategy, Gender experiences and reviews information from biology, anthropology, sociology, and psychology.

Corporeality and Culture: Bodies in Movement

The 'material flip' in serious idea - and especially the flip in the direction of the physique coupled with medical insights from biomedicine, biology and physics - is turning into a huge direction in fields of humanities-based scholarly inquiry. fabric and technological philosophies play an more and more principal function in disciplines reminiscent of literary experiences, cultural reviews, background, functionality and aesthetics, to call just a couple of.

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Is that the analogy was delivered its death-blow by the new empirical medicine and natural science of the seventeenth century, which viewed the body less as the template of cosmic or political order, than as a self-contained machine’. 51 An argument developed by Claude Lefort, Phillipe Lacoue-Labarthe and Jean-Luc Nancy, and appropriated by many others, connects this supposed demise of the metaphor of the body politic to the rise of bourgeois democracy from the late eighteenth century. They claim that a democratic political discourse has little intellectual time for an essentially pre-modern metaphor such as that of the body politic, and that the democratic regime is one in which any notion of the organic unity of the polity is dissolved.

The leader as the new embodiment of sovereign power appears to offer the chance to incorporate and personify the previously ‘faceless’ entity of the liberal state. It is in this context that the health and virility of the leadership is of crucial importance (regardless of the fact that most fascist leaders fail to conform to their own ideological stereotype of the virile body). On the other hand, and more pertinent to the argument here, is the fact that fascist campaigns of terror reveal an image of the body politic in which the enemy of the people is regarded as a parasite or a waste product to be eliminated.

83 Such comments enable us to rethink some of the non-lethal but standard fascist practices such as the force-feeding of castor oil to anyone remotely disorderly or resistant. After recounting some of the ‘castor oil experiences’ of ordinary civilians, including sometimes the force-feeding of whole villages, Luisa Passerini notes that: The ritual of castor oil drew on the parallel between the social and physical body. If the human body particularly lent itself to symbolis- BODY 31 ing the social system (so that control over it could be taken as an expression of social control), this was possible because the symbolic codes relating to the two bodies had a significant bearing on each other.

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