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By Patrick LeClerc

Semper Fidelis. regularly trustworthy. The motto of the USA Marine Corps.

Words to dwell by.

On the ragged edges of civilization, Corporal Michael Collins has lived these phrases, taking over riots and evacuations, rebels and terrorists. Asteroid belt patrol is simply one other deployment. 99 percentage boredom, one percentage terror.

But quickly the platoon of Marines locate themselves entangled within the threads of a conspiracy of company greed, govt corruption, piracy, and a band of battle criminals.

As the hearth workforce chief struggles with tensions within the shut knit unit, Collins and his fellow Marines locate themselves outnumbered in a pitched conflict to prevent a corrupt land seize that turns out correct out of the previous West, yet on a brand new, wider, extra unforgiving frontier. And now he needs to confront the tough calls for of being “always faithful.”

Semper Fi. phrases to stay by.

Words to die by.

Time to earn that strive against pay, Marines. Welcome to the Suck.

And consider, you volunteered for this.

Patrick LeClerc has crafted a demanding, army motion event at the fringe of civilization: Earth’s mining colonies within the asteroid belt. “In each Clime and Place” combines the spirit of vintage s/f of Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers” or David Drake’s “Hammer’s Slammers” with the remoted, small unit grunt’s eye view intimacy of George MacDonald Fraser’s “Quartered secure Out Here.”

"In each Clime and Place” is a frontier land seize; a story of presidency corruption and company piracy, and a close to destiny Marine technological know-how fiction tale, instructed with gritty authenticity, gallows humor and uncooked emotion, evoking the closeness and isolation of a small unit deployed to the far-off fringe of a bleak and hazardous frontier.


Set a few 60 years sooner or later, this striking, fast moving novel is as a lot ‘Semper fi’ because it is sci-fi. The convincing tale facilities at the hard-hitting legislations and order function of the USMC in facing geared up advertisement pirates inflicting mayhem on planet Mars.

The plot’s improvement is cleverly stage-managed by means of the writer (a former US Marine) From the first actual web page, authenticity is the dominant hallmark of this interesting and intensely readable booklet. Don’t count on to learn this novel a bankruptcy at a time, final thing at evening after which drop off to sleep. i discovered it very unlikely to place down. This e-book demanded and held my attention.

The very plausible characters reside off the pages. They, their gritty carrier dialogues and the conflict scenes are all USMC via and during. lengthy earlier than that iconic US Marine legend, Chesty Puller, was once pointed out within the tale, i used to be offered in this book’s authenticity and the author’s credibility.

I completely suggest it as an soaking up, intriguing learn. It has, too, the makings of an outstanding film.

-Mike Williams, Royal Marine, SBS, writer of The Tremayne Trilogy

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