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By C. J. Cherryh

Six months have handed because the reappearance of the starship Phoenix - an analogous send which introduced people to the area of alien atevi approximately 2 hundred years in the past, leaving a small and weak colony to fight for survival in a adversarial atmosphere. in the course of those six months, the alien atevi have striven to reconfigure their fledgling area application in a breakneck bid to take their position within the heavens along people. however the go back of the Phoenix has additional a frighteningly robust 3rd social gathering to an already risky state of affairs, polarizing political factions in either human and atevi societies, and making the potential for all-out planetary warfare a good much more likely hazard. at the atevi mainland, human ambassador Bren Cameron, in a determined try to keep the peace, has risked alienation from his personal humans through speaking with the employees of the Phoenix as spokesman for the atevi, and has prepared for one human consultant from the Phoenix to take in place of dwelling with him in his flats, and for an additional to be stationed on Mosphiera, humanity's island enclave. Now, Bren has the tough job of indoctrinating Jason Graham, a tender guy who hasn't ever ahead of set foot on a planet, within the difficult, tender, and in all probability deadly maneuverings of the human-atevi interface. And this at a time whilst, due to the assassination of an atevi lord who have been one among Bren's fundamental adversaries, and the near-collision of Bren's own airplane with a jet manned via an unknown pilot, the connection among atevi factions is turning into extra strained by means of the minute.

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Was the approximation of what Jase retorted. Jase clearly wasn't in a mood for mild corrections. A servant was fighting laughter. "You know it's important," Bren corrected him, deadpan, deciding on confrontation. "Damn," Jase said, and pushed his plate back in the beginnings of what could become an outburst. Bren thought, having grown tolerably cold-blooded over the course of several months of Jase's temper-fits, thank goodness he'd gotten almost to dessert. He'd been hungry. And damn Jase anyway.

The Bergid snowed in the window, hazy mountains, still white with winter, the continental divide. Forest showed, blue-green and likewise hazed—but that haze was pollen and spores, as a lowland spring broke into bloom and the endless forests of atevi hunting preserves, like the creatures that lived within that haze, reproduced themselves with wild abandon. The fields came clear, the little agricultural land that developers had left around burgeoning Shejidan. And there were the stubbornly held garden plots clinging to hillsides—always the gardens: the Ragi atevi were keen diggers and planters, even the aristocrats among them.

And the assassination to the south had changed the numbers. Tabini and the ATC authority had fought that battle for years, particularly trying to impress the facts of physics on lords used to being immune to lawsuit. There were laws. There were ATC regulations. There was the aiji's express displeasure at such violations, and there was the outstanding example of the Weinathi Bridge disaster for a cautionary tale. Security today had been very careful to move the aiji's private plane onto a flight path usually followed by slower-moving commercial air… for the paidhi's safety.

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