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By Galen D. Stucky, Francis G. Dwyer

content material: components influencing the synthesis of zeolites A, X, and Y / John A. Kostinko --
Synthesis and characterization of a brand new zeolite of the offretite kind / Mario L. Occelli and Anthony J. Perrotta --
Zeolite amendment : direct fluorination / Brent M. Lok, F.P. Gortsema, Celeste A. Messina, H. Rastelli, and T.P.J. Izod --
Inorganic cation trade homes of zeolite ZSM-5 / P. Chu and F.G. Dwyer --
Aluminophosphate molecular sieves : a brand new category of microporous crystalline inorganic solids / Stephen T. Wilson, Brent M. Lok, Celeste A. Messina, Thomas R. Cannan, and Edith M. Flanigen --
Crystal constitution of tetrapropylammonium hydroxide-aluminum phosphate quantity five / J.M. Bennett, J.P. Cohen, Edith M. Flanigen, J.J. Pluth, and J.V. Smith --
X-ray structural refinements of zeolite A and silicalite / J.J. Pluth and J.V. Smith --
Neutron diffraction stories of zeolite-A and artificial faujasite / A.K. Cheetham and M.M. Eddy --
A excessive solution silicon-29 NMR and neutron powder diffraction research of Na-A zeolite : Loewenstein's rule vindicated / J.M. Bennett, C.S. Blackwell, and D.E. Cox --
New methods to the structural characterization of zeolites : magic-angle spinning NMR (MASNMR) / J.M. Thomas, J. Klinowsky, S. Ramadas, M.W. Anderson, C.A. Fyfe, and G.C. Gobbi --
New techniques to the structural characterization of zeolites : excessive answer electron microscopy and optical diffractometry / J.M. Thomas, G.R. Millward, S. Ramadas, and M. Audier --
Compositional adaptations throughout zeolite debris / C.E. Lyman, P.W. Betteridge, and E.F. Moran --
A statistical method of the translation of silicon-29 NMR of zeolites / A.J. Vega --
excessive solution silicon-29 NMR reviews of gallium faujasites and a gallium sodalite / D.E.W. Vaughan, M.T. Melchior, and A.J. Jacobson --
Silicon and aluminum ordering of zeolites : interpretation of silicon-29 NMR information for faujasite and ZK4 / M.T. Melchior --
Synthesis and characterization of A-type zeolites / R.H. Jarman, M.T. Melchior, and D.E.W. Vaughan --
Electron spin echo experiences of the positioning and adsorbate interactions of paramagnetic steel species in zeolites / Larry Kevan and M. Narayana --
Mössbauer stories of iron-containing zeolites / Steven L. Suib, Kerry C. McMahon, and Dimitrios Psaras --
steel ion website geometry and oxidation country in zeolites / T.I. Morrison, P.J. Viccaro, and G.K. Shenoy --
Steric results in nitrogen adsorption by means of mordenite / D.T. Hayhurst and M.D. Sefcik --
Diffusion in A, X, and Y zeolites / Douglas M. Ruthven --
Acidity in zeolite ZSM-5 / G.W. Skeels and W.H. Flank --
Conversion of C₂-C₁₀ to better olefins over artificial zeolite ZSM-5 / W.E. Garwood --
assessment of a few new zeolite-supported steel catalysts for synthesis fuel conversion / Gordon A. Melson, Janet E. Crawford, James W. Crites, Ketcha J. Mbadcam, John M. Stencel, and V. Udaya S. Rao --
Intrazeolitic and infrequent gasoline remoted silver atom and silver cluster spectroscopy, photoprocesses, and help interactions / Geoffrey A. Ozin, Francois Hugues, Douglas F. McIntosh, and S. Mattar --
Low temperature water fuel shift task of ruthenium in zeolites on the subject of its chemistry / P.A. Jacobs, R. Chantillon, P. De Laet, J. Verdonck, and M. Tielen --
Zeolite mediated carbonylation / Patrick Gelin, Frédéric Lefebvre, Boubaker Elleuch, Claude Naccache, and Younès Ben Taarit.

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0 wt% l o s s . The weight l o s s between 220 and 500°C i s due t o the breakdown o f i n t r a c r y s t a l l i n e TMA i o n s . 64 mg. 1 wt% was l o s t due t o the o x i d a t i o n of otherwise r e s i d u a l carbon deposits. S o r p t i o n Measurements S o r p t i o n isotherms f o r normal and isobutane were obtained on a sample of R b - o f f r e t i t e which had been c a l c i n e d i n a i r at 550°C o v e r n i g h t . The curves i n Figures 7 and 8, together w i t h the Clausius-Clapeyron equation, were used t o measure i s o s t e r i c heats o f s o r p t i o n .

20031 In Intrazeolite Chemistry;D. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1983. INTRAZEOLITE (a) CHEMISTRY H-Zeolon i i i i i i 1 1 i i i i i... i i 18001700 1600 15001400 1300 120011001000 900 800 700 600 500 400 WAVENUMBERS i Figure 2. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1983. LOK 3. ET 49 Zeolite Modification by Fluorination AL. In the H-zeolon case, two different types of hydroxy1 groups are found i n the zeolite (Figure 3a). One band at 3745 cm" s p l i t s after fluorination into two bands: one s t i l l at 3745 cm" with much lower intensity and the other at 3713 cm" .

Inorg. Chem. 1978, 17, 610. 13. French Patent 2,303,764 assigned to BASF (1976). ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1983. 58 INTRAZEOLITE CHEMISTRY 14. Beyer, H. K. and Belenykaja, I. , Amsterdam, p. 203. 15. , Kiss, A. and Schobel, G. React. Kinet. Catal. Lett. 1980, 14, 481. 16. (a) Peri, J . , Proc. 5th I n t ' l . Cong, on Catalysis, Miami Beach, 1972, p. 329; (b) Breck, D. W. "Zeolite Molecular Sieves" John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1974, p. 517. 17. Chen, N.

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