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By Robin L Bartlett

Economics has tended to be a truly male, center classification, white self-discipline. Introducing Race and Gender into Economics is a ground-breaking e-book which generates rules for integrating race and gender matters into introductory eocnomics classes. each one part provides an outline of the way to change general classes, together with macroeconomics, technique, microeconomics in addition to race and gender-sensitive concerns. This updated paintings might be of accelerating value to all lecturers of introductory economics.

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In addition, the nontraditional student of economics may find that economics is relevant to understanding their world and may be motivated to develop the analytical skills necessary to work successfully with the traditional methodology of economics. Whitney By the 1960s, protective labor legislation that applied only to women had the effect of limiting the ability of women to compete in the labor market. In the context of the post-World War II economy, it seemed as if that legislation was surely passed by men to limit women’s work and to benefit male workers at the expense of women.

Consequently, the argument is phrased in economic terms. Class coverage of the material Relevant passages useful for focusing class discussion Consider beginning with the following brief excerpt from Beatrice Webb (1896): It is frequently asserted as self-evident that any special limitation of women’s labor must militate against their employment. If employers are not allowed to make their women work overtime, or during the night, they will, it is said, inevitably prefer to have men. Thus, it is urged, any extension of factory legislation to trades, at present unregulated, must diminish the demand for women’s labor.

Part II Integrating race and gender topics into introductory microeconomics Part II provides the microeconomics examples that can be used to reconstruct the microeconomic portions of an introductory economics course. In this section of the book, six examples are presented that incorporate race and gender into particular microeconomic topics. Each example provides the necessary background information or context within which the example is to be used, the necessary data, and suggestions for classroom activities.

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