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R. R. The treaty also provided that would permit the establishment on its territory of any organization hostile to the other, and regulated fishing and naval rights on the Caspian. R. R. It must be remembered that, while the treaty was being negotiated, the idea of armed intervention against the Bolsheviks had not entirely been abandoned by the Western Allies and one of the objects of the Russian negotiations with Persia and the contempor- aneous negotiations with Kemalist Turkey was to guard against the possibility of such intervention from the south through Persia or Turkey, The process When of negotiating the treaty had encountered British troops some difficulty.

But even in Holy Russia there was a great agitation against despotism and, in 1905, a Duma was actually brought into being. In Turkey a Constitution was granted as early as 1875; it was withdrawn later by Sultan Abdul Hamid, but that despot was overthrown in 1908 THE CONSTITUTION AND THE FIRST WORLD WAR and the long tradition of the mute and the bowstring ended forever 33 on the shores of the Bosphorus. In Moslem countries the principal vehicle for constitutional ideas was the Islamic Modernist movement, led by Jamal-ed-Din Afghani, whose teachings had particularly great influence in Persia.

After this treaty Persian policy towards Britain, faute de mieuxy seems to have changed in the direction of trying to balance the Russian menace from the north by conniving at British penetration from the south. During the 25 years since the treaty of Unkiar Skelessi the Russian menace had gradually been increasing in intensity as a result of the Russian colonizing drive in Turkestan. The Russians crossed the Caspian in the 1830s, reached the Aral Sea in 1844 and, after a temporary check imposed by the Crimean War, occupied Samarqand in 1868, Khiva common frontier in 1873, and Merv in 1884.

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