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By John Brockman

How is the web altering how you imagine? that's one of many dominant questions of our time, one that impacts nearly each point of our existence and destiny. And it really is precisely what John Brockman, writer of, posed to greater than one hundred fifty of the world's so much influential minds. outstanding, farsighted, and interesting, Is the net altering how you imagine? is an important advisor to the Net-based international.

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We have the same opportunity. org, the twentieth-century model of publishing is inadequate to the kind of sharing possible today. As we know from Wikipedia, post hoc peer review can support astonishing creations of shared value. As we know from the search for Mersenne primes, whole branches of mathematical exploration are now best taken on by groups. As we know from open-source efforts such as Linux, collaboration between loosely joined parties can work at scales and over time frames previously unimagined.

When you hear the word ‘library,’ you think of books,” she said. ” What makes it easy for an educational institution like Cushing to jettison its books is the assumption that the words in books are the same whether they’re printed on paper or formed of pixels on a screen. A word is a word is a word. ” The medium, in other words, doesn’t matter. But Tracy is wrong. The medium does matter. It matters greatly. The experience of reading words on a networked computer, whether it’s a PC, an iPhone, or a Kindle, is very different from the experience of reading those same words in a book.

We could, however, also use it as an Invisible College, the communicative backbone of real intellectual and civic change. To do this will require more than technology. It will require us to adopt norms of open sharing and participation, fitted to a world in which publishing has become the new literacy. ” my mind would have flown instantly to a then-recent article in Scientific American (September 1966) about Project MAC. Nothing to do with the Apple Mac, which it long predated, Project MAC was an MIT-based cooperative enterprise in pioneering computer science.

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