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As a student, author and ascetic, Jerome used to be an incredible highbrow strength within the early Church and motivated the beliefs of Christian chastity and poverty for plenty of generations after his loss of life. This ebook assembles a consultant collection of his voluminous output. it's going to support readers to a balanced portrait of a posh and superb, yet now not constantly likeable guy.

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Jerome’s friend Rufinus and his patroness Melania the Elder, who had settled on the Mount of Olives, circulated Latin translations of his writings and were ready to oppose Epiphanius. In 393, they refused to sign a formal abjuration of Origen’s errors, which the bishop of Salamis may have initiated. 12 And Jerome? 13 Had he not, in his collection of letters to Marcella,14 announced that Origen’s scholarship exercised a continuing fascination on him and reinforced his claim to be his Latin successor?

22 Both Rufinus and Jerome were anxious not to discourage wealthy patrons from supporting their communities and suppressed every possible doubt about their orthodoxy. In 395, Jerome wrote to Paulinus of Nola, the offspring of a noble Aquitainian family, who had just decided to lead a monastic life at the tomb of St Felix at Nola in Campania. ’24 When a letter of John, in which the bishop described in great detail his view of the debate and Jerome’s sudden change of heart, was read in Rome and weakened his case, he answered with his most aggressive pamphlet Against John of Jerusalem (397).

His Apology (401) combined self-defence and assault and is another masterpiece of polemic. The argument is less compelling. Evidently, Rufinus replied in a private letter asking Jerome to put an end to his onslaughts and threatening him with disclosures and even a lawsuit. ’ At the end, he suggested an agreement on his terms: ‘If you desire peace, lay down your arms. I can be at peace with one who shows kindness; I do not fear one who threatens me. 52 Rufinus did not reply. He did not need to. His backing was strong enough to withstand Jerome’s attacks, whose inconsistent handling of the debate had enlarged the number of his enemies, who also criticized his new translation of the Bible and his ascetic verve.

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