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By Jack Whyte

A brother of the Order-a medieval mystery society uniting noble households in a sacred bond-Sir Hugh de Payens has emerged from the 1st campaign a damaged guy looking to commit his existence to God. however the Order has different plans for him: to discover a perilous mystery which can shatter the very could of the Church itself.

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I was practicing words in my head for the Gathering tomorrow night. ” “Ah, the Responses. Aye, there is, as you say. Particularly for a young man in your position. ” His eyes dropped to the heavy, long-bladed weapon. “But why the sword, godson? ” Hugh looked down in mild bewilderment at the weapon he was still holding point down on the ground. “No, sir, no, not at all. I went out to walk to the butts, to practice, but I never reached them. ” “Aye, well, that sounds like time well used, considering how close you are to the testing.

Then, his face growing solemn again, he moved ahead into the immense space of the room, keeping his eyes lowered to the floor ahead of him as his stride lengthened, the sword still angled casually backward, over his shoulder. Most young men his age would have strutted with such a magnificent sword, using its lethal beauty to enhance themselves, but Hugh de Payens did no such thing. He carried the weapon simply because he had set out with it earlier and thus had to continue carrying it until he could set it down somewhere without danger of its being lost, stolen, or forgotten, and now he headed towards his own Beginnings 5 quarters, where he could finally lay it down.

He became aware that he was no longer alone and raised his eyes to see Payn Montdidier, one of his closest friends and a cousin on his mother’s side, smiling down at him, his amber eyes gentle and filled with humor. ” he asked, and Hugh stood up, blinking in mild disbelief. “Crusty! I didn’t expect to see you here! You can have no idea how glad it makes me, my friend—a familiar face. ” Montdidier laughed. ” Hugh frowned. “I don’t follow. ” “Anticipation and terror. It hit me for the first time yesterday, when I saw your sister’s new friend.

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