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During this prequel to EON, Greg endure keeps to discover the chances awarded via the asteroid Thistledown, a remnant of a misplaced human civilization. the best way is a tunnel via house and time that results in different worlds, a few extra like planet Earth than Earth itself. it truly is possibly the main bold discovery in Thistledown and with it come disputes as to the character of how and the way it's going to be used. the way in which will be reached basically via Axis urban, the one house station of Thistledown. The ruling physique of Axis urban, the Hexamon, has decreed that different worlds reached incidentally has to be left untouched as an assurance opposed to destiny wishes of the human race. yet then the Hexamon pay attention of a bunch of clandestine colonists who've settled on one of many new worlds. Olmy Ap Sennon is an keen younger profession soldier who needs to pass and examine this unlawful colony, and while confront his personal humanity. As he witnesses the problem and sweetness of the outlaw human colony, he learns what it potential to fight with warfare, ecological catastrophe, love, and loss of life.

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A loader was working somewhere. Human voices were very small, on the dockside, easily overwhelmed by the clash and bang of metal. Capella caught his arm and spun him about. "Better bribe the mechanics," Capella said, with her curious faculty for realism, drunk or sober. "Cheaper than station brig, Chrissy-lad. Which we could all be in if we screw this. You got to sober up, spaceman. We got to get a watch on that ship when it comes in. " "We get the cargo moving," he said. That was the absolute priority.

Christian sighed and subsided into the chair. " "Hour! It's been an hour! Let's just screw it. " "A round's coming. " Capella sighed. Traced a circle in the condensation on the table. The hand had a fortune in rings. The wrist had a band of stars in tattoo, and below it, Bok's Equation, in ornate letters. Navigator's mark, in certain quarters. The hand captured his, amid the circles of two prior rounds and one double ice water. " w. c bu to re he C lic k he k lic C w. " Lavender lips quirked. "Chris-tian, they're not going to get that sum-bitch moving till alterday.

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