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By Paul Hoffman, Herman Friedman, Mauro Bendinelli

The amount brings jointly all the newest study in this pathogen, the curiosity within which is swiftly turning out to be. Legionella pneumophila is an rising human pathogen that is living in common environments as a parasite of freshwater. there were significant new advancements during this box, together with the book of 3 entire genome sequences and the invention of a developmental cycle and novel cyst-like hugely infectious shape.

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Burnetti seems to have undergone genome reduction as many intracellular pathogenic microorganisms, which are strictly host-adapted (Seshadri et al. 2003). However, some large protein families are conserved in both organisms. An example is the ankyrin protein family. Legionella pneumophila encodes 13–20 ankyrin repeat proteins and C. 99 Mb. Similarly, the recently identified Pht (phagosomal transporters) subfamily of MFS transporters (Sauer et al. 2005) has nine to eleven members depending on the sequenced strain of L.

Pneumophila isolate or another Legionella species may be mediated by the Dot/Icm type-IV secretion system (Vogel et al. 1998). The identification, characterization and analysis of the functional role of Legionella plasmids might add to the understanding of versatility, adaptation and virulence mechanisms of this pathogen. 4. Variability at the Gene Level The plasticity of the Legionella genomes is not only due to insertions, deletions or rearrangements of genomic islands of different size or due to plasmids, but plasticity was also identified for single genes that seem particularly variable.

Moreover, some virulence protein families contain several orthologs. For example, four, six and three (Paris, Lens, Philadelphia 1, respectively) paralogs of the major outer membrane protein Momp are encoded by Legionella. The metalloprotease ProA implicated in virulence has eight paralogs, and the enhanced entry protein EnhC has four paralogs. 2 are present in the three Legionella genomes. Similarly, many substrates of the Dot/Icm system such as the Sid proteins are part of large paralogous families with functional redundancy.

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