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By Ivan Bulloch, Diane James, Lydia Monks, Daniel Pangbourne

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The giant golden book of mathematics : exploring the world of numbers and space

A proof of the technological know-how of numbers and area, with easy demonstrations of mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, arithmetic in song and artwork, and together with a few tips and video games utilizing numbers.

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Shadows of other is FEET how high is the flagpole? cr^'^ w Vibrations, The world is lull mo\e, they move xibrations ot disturbances in space. When rolling \ away from its which create these disturbances form of waves. in the a ship glides across a lake, it prow. by air. When we To study these different kinds of waves, sciena model wa\e that is produced with the help of a turning wheel. They find that the simplest plicated ot the waxes model wave. The more com- are just like the waves are often made up of several simple waves that are combined.

24. 62 as an approximate \alue of the golden section. Fibonacci fractions are close to the golden section. In fact, the further out the\' are in the M 1 Courier ^ Mondrian's Black, White and Red the golden section: page 32 is fraction »c=Bc of The has these Museum = = Ec=If — cj— Dj of Morferr Arl ratios TfJ equal to — iJii— tT ^ Doorway Getting through the Sandy was building a large model airplane out in the little shed whieh was his workshop. As he was about of the plane, be able to glue the wings Sandy thought, to get the '1 to the wonder body if way is put the wings on.

Now we ha\e the complete nest of fi\e num- ber systems. Listing them from smallest to largest, with each number s\stem lying within the next larger one, the\' are: natural numbers, tegers, rational numbers, real in- numbers, and complex numbers. page 45 Number Systems Miniature Now we ha\e that systems, many it will not more. Some seen fi\e distinct number be surprising that there are of them are little toy number systems, containing only a few numbers. shall find natural number A System Some We examples of them hidden within the system.

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