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By David Wilson, Chris Game

Over contemporary years adjustments in British neighborhood executive were higher and speedier than ever: elected mayors and cupboards, evaluate and scrutiny, top price, entire functionality evaluation, council tax capping and reform--the velocity by no means slackens.This comprehensively revised fourth variation of the prime neighborhood executive textbook evaluates those adjustments and offers an educated perception into Labour's third-term schedule. With its transparent, available sort, Local executive within the United Kingdom will stay crucial interpreting for college kids, practitioners, and somebody in most cases attracted to neighborhood politics.

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An alternative interpretation of such a battle of wills is that it demonstrates the health and robustness of a governmental system. Far from constituting a problem, it ought to be seen as an affirmation of precisely what local government should be about: locally elected and accountable representatives developing policies embodying their judgement of the best interests of their local community, not the judgement of the centre. Our own reference to 'the problems of local government' is intended to suggest something rather more subtle and complex.

Responding swiftly, appropriately, corporately 5. Promoting citizenship and participation 6. Providing political education and training 7. Dispersing power. 1. o Building and articulating community identity In Chapter 2 we concentrated particularly on local government and its contrast with local administration. We now focus on local government: the government of a particular geographical area and, if the relevant boundaries have been appropriately drawn, the government of a community. The institutions of local government ought both to reflect and reinforce people's sense of place and of community: A local authority has the capacity to shape an area, to preserve it, to develop it, to change it, and in doing so to give it a new identity.

Look at teacher appraisal. Suffolk pioneered it. Local management of schools? That was Cambridgeshire. Assessment of children at 7, 11 and 14, you could say Croydon. (Crequer, 1991) Almost every local authority in the country has played its part in developing or piloting some new service which has subsequently been adopted or adapted for use elsewhere. Tower Hamlets provides all its profoundly deaf residents with an interactive portable keyboard and accompanying telephone handset, enabling them to communicate by phone.

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