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2 Permeability The permeability coefficient, P , is defined as volume of the penetrant which passses per unit time through unit area of polymer having unit thickness, with a unit pressure diference across the system. The permeabilty depends on solubility coefficient, S , as well as the diffusion coefficient. Equation 9 expresses the permeabilty in terms of solubility and diffusivity, D , (Ashley, 1985). S (9) Typical units for P are (cm3 cm)/(s cm2 Pa) (those units×10-10 are defined as the barrer, the standard unit of P adopted by ASTM).

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Journal of Supercritical Fluids, Vol. 39, No. 3, (January 2007), pp. 416-425, ISSN 0896-8446 Massaro, L. & Zhu, X. X. P (1999). Physical Models of Diffusion for Polymer Solutions, Gels and Solids. Progress in Polymer Science, Vol. 24, No. 5, (August 1999), pp. , Hedenqvist, M. , Gedde, U. W. (2007). Diffusivity of n-hexane in Poly(ethylene-stat-octene)s Assessed by Molecular Dynamics Simulation. Polymer, Vol. 48, No. 17 , (August 2007), pp. 5174-5180, ISSN 0032-3861 Moisan, J. Y. (1985). Effects of Oxygen Permeation and Stabiliser Migration on Polymer Degradation, In: Polymer Permeability, J.

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