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By Leandro Rodriguez Medina

An fascinating examine how the usage of fabric hermeneutics can increase the social and political scientist's strength to interpret social occasions past the conventional parameters that textual hermeneutic and linguistic versions could quite often current.

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Furthermore, some previous human practices are reinforced by technologies. For example, one of the most human experiences, personal and social support, has 33 been affected by the rise of technological communication. As Woolgar points out "[t]he sources of virtual support via the internet were used together with other resources and became enmeshed into people's social lives, in some cases thereby transcending the boundaries of real and virtual life" (2002:17). Chayko also adds that intimacy in a relationship is a matter of proximity in a sociomental space and "[i]n online connecting, we frequently see creative depictions of the closeness and the mental proximity that accompany the intimacy people share" (2002:119).

On the other hand, some authors have focused on the ways that some technologies have brought new elements into the researcher's proximity. Behaviors and habits of pre-historic people (Ihde), information technology (Lee), the social conditions that made Statistics possible and useful (Porter) and Internet (Castells), have entered into the researchers' proximity insofar as technology has been incorporated into their practices. lhde refers to this as technologically embodied science. Instrumentation is thus a condition of science in practice.

The author seems to rescue the face-to-face context in which every person develop 7 The very existence of this proximity —and its relevance- can be appreciated in Chayko (2002)'s example of one of her interviewees who explained that he had to leave from the funeral of a relative to watch one of his favorite TV programs. This, however, produced a feeling of guilt that he could only discuss with other fans of the same program on the Internet. As can be seen, there is a constant tension between the openings that the nodes of leakage allow and the elements (people included) that form the proximity.

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