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Notions of Convexity

The 1st chapters of this booklet are dedicated to convexity within the classical feel, for features of 1 and several other actual variables respectively. this provides a history for the learn within the following chapters of similar notions which happen within the thought of linear partial differential equations and intricate research corresponding to (pluri-)subharmonic services, pseudoconvex units, and units that are convex for helps or singular helps with recognize to a differential operator.

Lectures on Sphere Arrangements – the Discrete Geometric Side

This monograph supplies a quick advent to the appropriate smooth elements of discrete geometry, as well as major the reader to the frontiers of geometric study on sphere preparations. The readership is geared toward complex undergraduate and early graduate scholars, in addition to researchers.

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L, 1 1, < i < n. -- Then is a Heegaa:rad sewing associated to the IT T )( IT T T ) · 1 ftt... J= · 1 x. 2. = J J cLass 1 diagpam D. Proof. 2 the curve systems x, + + f, z satisfy the Ix . 1 ;:: J J intersection properties 1, <5... 4) T x .. 1- T 2 .. -z, (x ) ::::: x k := (4 .. (Zk) ;::: zk if k Fi ;::: f 1,.. if k := t. ) ;::: f··, 1, 1 ~ i ~ n, i as required. 8. 7 the map h is expressed as a product of Dehn twists, hence we may apply the method of Lickorish [4J to produce a framed link which defines M(h).

Is a U f. c aA. cylinder, it follows that aA split open along f is a punctured ~ n sphere, hence f is a complete system for aA • n ~ Next we choose a second system of curves x = {x ' ••• ,x } c aA ~ 1 n n which bounds a complete system for A. The curves x will be select so that each x. encircles theni th handle once in the manner 1, ~~ Let D = (aA ,x" f) • Then D is a Heegaard n diagram for a 3-manifold M(V}. It is the diagpam associated to indicated in Figure 4. 1 • the cZass-l fPamed Zink L (with connecting edges e).

Of Math. 59, No. 2, 1975, pp. 475486. 8. , "A note on branched cyclic coverings of spheres", Rev. Mat. -Amer. 32 (1972), pp, 158-166. 9. Suzuki, Shinicni, "On homeomphisms of a 3-dimensional handlebody", Can. J. Math. XXXIX, No. 1, 1977, pp. 111-124. 10. , "Constructing framed 4-manifolds with given almost-framed boundary*', preprint. 11. Milnor, J. , Symmetric bilinear forms, Ergibnisse der mathematik, Band 73, Springer-Verlag, 1973. 12. Powell, Jerome. "Homeomorphisms of the 3-sphere that leave a Heegaard handlebody invariant", to appear.

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