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By G. H. Ryder, M. D. Bennett (auth.)

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Ignore any friction effects. How do you counter the argument that since the combined centre of gravity lies inside the supported area, it cannot fall over? 23 9. 24 shows a vehicle suspension-unit. If the force on the tyre at the centre of the contact patch E has components of 5 kN vertically and 1 kN horizontally to the left, determine the forces on the body at A and B, and the force in the spring. The masses of the links and the wheel may be neglected, and the diagram may be scaled. 24 10. A uniform ladder 7 m long and having a mass of 40 kg leans at 30° to a vertical wall.

Derive an expression for the velocity and acceleration of the geometric centre, and for the velocity of a general point on the rim. Which point on the rim has zero velocity?

15 Friction P 0 (c) 30 MECHANICS OF MACHINES and continue to slide with increasing speed as P is increased still further, but generally this is accompanied by a reduction in F. This reduction is quite sharp at first, but then tends to level off. From experiments such as these, some important results are established. For two particular surfaces in contact and on the point of slipping (a) the friction force is independent of the apparent contact area (b) the friction force is proportional to the normal force between the two surfaces.

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