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And H A T H W A Y , D . E . -Biol. , 11, 545 G R E E N , T . and H A T H W A Y , D . E . -Biol. , 17, 137 G R E E N , τ. and H A T H W A Y , D . E . -Biol. , 20, 27 G R I C E , H . c , M A N N E L L , w . A . and A L L M A R K , M . G . (1961) Toxicol. Appl. , 3, 509 G R O S S , E . and K O L S C H , F. (1943) Arch. Gewerbepath. , 12, 164 G R O S S , H . and F R E I B U R G , J. (1969) / . Prakt. , 311, 506 H A N S E N , W . H . , D A V I S , K . J . , FiTZHUGH, O . G . and N E L S O N , A . A .

1976) as the ultimate reactive metabolite of (61), responsible for carcinogenicity of (61) in mammals. 36 Activation of chemical carcinogens in the mammal Biosynthesis of reactive metabolites and matching tissue specificities The significance of the production of reactive metabolites of carcinogens in vivo depends on its accountability for the known tissue specificities. Logically, this subject ought to be considered at this stage in the narrative, but arguments dealing with product analysis (Chapter 3) and DNA repair (Chapter 4), which are cogent, cannot be treated as adequately as they may merit.

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