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By Ben Bova

The closest planet to our solar, Mercury is a rocky, barren, heat-scorched global. yet there are those that wish to discover wealth in its desolation.

Saito Yamagata thinks Mercury's place will make it a fantastic orbit aspect for satellites which can sometime create sufficient strength to propel starships into deep house. He hires Dante Alexios to convey his goals to lifestyles. Astrobiologist Victor Molina thinks the water at Mercury's poles might harbor proof of existence, and hopes to accomplish repute and glory via proving it. Bishop Elliot Danvers has been despatched through the robust Earth-based "New Morality" to maintain shut tabs on Molina's endeavors, which threaten to provide effects opposite to fundamentalist teachings.

Three of those males are blissfully blind to their shared historical past and the way it ties into one among mankind's maximum tragedies. Years ahead of, visionary engineer Mance Bracknell made his personal try and support guy development into house by way of development a ladder to the celebrities: a glistening tower stretching millions of miles into the air, anchored by way of spans of metal to a satellite tv for pc in geosynchronous orbit. yet technological recreation used to be no fit for human passions, and greed and jealousy provoked terrorists to an act of sabotage that ended in the demise of millions.

There's no telling what number extra must die earlier than Mance has his revenge...

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He’d done it before. He was doing it now. Fuck him. I didn’t want to die of old age walking out of the south Gobi, but fuck him. Then the intercom crackled to life. The pilot said something fast and tonal—Cantonese, I thought, not that I could follow it. The Antonov banked hard and picked up speed as the engines coughed a bloom of black smoke. Whatever it was we were looking for, we’d found it. Hannaday just smiled. ” Ladder work? Out here? * * * And damn me if we didn’t bounce to a landing somewhere not much different from anywhere else.

He was an Agency cowboy I’d last seen on the wrong end of a Glock in Kandahar two years earlier. Whipcord thin, still wearing the same damned Armani suit. How the fuck had that spook gotten into the camp without me seeing him? My legs still ached whenever it got chilly. I briefly considered firing off my Stinger inside the ger, just punching the warhead into Hannaday’s chest, but that would have pretty much toasted us all. “Stow it,” growled Korunov. Two hundred kilos or not, that man could and did snap necks.

He was pale and sweating. ” I said. ” I went and looked. Our spaceman was a girl, not more than fifteen, eyes bloodshot from reentry gees, barely moving even as she stared at us. Blue-black skin, shaved head. A girl. Who’d dropped out of the Central Asian sky in a Russian spaceship. Kids on the International Space Station? Not fucking likely. Not in this lifetime. ” * * * The Antonov lumbered back to camp. Nichols sat in the back of the plane with his shotgun, watching the kid and cursing in an extended monotone, mostly Russian.

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