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By Barbara Bell

Constructing Latin talents for a while 10-13. take part the thrill with Minimus Secundus - a mixture of myths, tales, grammar help and ancient history! This pupil's e-book is a full of life, vibrant creation to the Latin language and the tradition of Roman Britain. A enjoyable option to train English grammar, it's perfect for cross-curricular actions.

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Zeus was alarmed so he sent Hermes to Hades, asking him to release Persephone. Hades agreed to let her go but only on condition that she had not eaten anything. As Persephone had already eaten six pomegranate seeds, she could only return to earth for six months of the year. She returned to her mother and immediately all the flowers began to bloom and the crops to grow. This was the beginning of spring and summer. But when Persephone returned to the Underworld, all the crops stopped growing and the leav es fluttered down from the trees.

0 . 0 t .. . . Rufus learns his letters Rufus � L C; 1) o • e Rufus � � 'ljJ scribit. scribit. tandem Rufus omnes RU fus diu scribebat. litteras Graecas discit. nunc fessus est. -hra �t. -ipvc- Pc-Ipho�. -vm notvm �t. I'�I WO R DS TO H E L P Nouns Verbs Pronoun annos (m pI) years consulebam I was consulting has these frondes (f pI) leaves, herbs discit he learns oraculum (n) oracle mandebat she was chewing Adverbs Pythia (f) the Pythia (name prOferebat she was uttering diu for a long time sedebat she was sitting praecipue especially of priestess at Delphi) responsa Apollonis Apollo's answers sacerdos (f) priestess tripode (m) tripod Infinitive scribere to write Preposi�ion Impersonal verb ante before/ago necesse erit tibi you will have to Adiedive clarus/alum famous � G RAS P T H E G RA M M A R Remember that the most i m porta nt word in a sentence is the verb or action word .

Pandora is wearing a cap. Candidus looks at Pandora. b Candidus Pand6ram spectat. . In sentence a, Pandora IS the person doing the actI on. We sa y that she is the subj ect of the sentence. In sentence b, she h as the a ctl O n done to h er. Pa ndora is the object of this . sentence and so the endmg 0f the noun Pand6ra now becomes Pan d oram. R O M A N R E PORT Th e Sat urn alia The Saturnalia was the most important h O liday in the Roman poet Catullus describ year. The Latin es it as "optimus die rum ", the bes t of 1 7 December and day s.

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