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By Nancy Kelly Allen

My Math Toolbox Selects And makes use of acceptable instruments For Given size occasions (E.G., Rulers For size, Measuring Cups For means)

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They mixed mud from the river with crushed reeds to make bricks. They left the bricks out in the sun to bake and then used them to build their cities. , officials in Mesopotamia started using cylinder seals (below) to mark goods and verify documents written in cuneiform on clay. Today governments around the world continue to use seals to mark documents such as the passports carried by United States citizens (right). Why do you think governments stamp important documents with seals? 56 UNIT 2 RIVER VALLEY CIVILIZATIONS Sumer was Ur (uhr).

Soon they learned to shape stones to make them more useful. Reading Check What were some of the features of a band’s home territory? 6 million years old, making them the earliest tools found on Earth. CHAPTER 2 PREHISTORIC PEOPLE 35 Among the earliest shaped stones are the Olduvan pebble tools, named after the Olduvai Gorge in eastern Africa where they were first discovered. Pebble tools were made from pebbles or stones about the size of a fist. The toolmaker hit one pebble with another, removing chips and creating a jagged cutting edge.

The pigments came from natural sources such as charcoal, clay, and minerals such as iron. ” DOMESTICATING ANIMALS Early people painted scenes of their hunting and food-producing activities. Here, a cave painting from North Africa shows cattle being herded. Some cattle are tied to a rope, while women and children do chores. What was the importance of learning to herd animals? , people changed from food gatherers to food producers. Over several thousand years they began to obtain most of their food from farming.

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