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By Irene De Jong, Rene Nunlist, Angus Bowle, Irene J. F. De Jong, Angus M. Bowie

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Dem. Ap. Herm. Aphr. 26, 167. 38 part one – chapter three ‘if not’-situations, there are only two in the entire corpus, both in the Hymn to Demeter and both marking an important crisis in the plot: Indeed she [sc. Demeter in the guise of an old woman] would have made him [sc. Demophon] ageless and deathless, if in her folly fair-girt Metaneira [sc. Demophon’s mother] had not waited for the nighttime and spied from her fragrant chamber. Dem. 242–245) Indeed, she [sc. Demeter] would have destroyed humankind altogether by grievous famine, and deprived the Olympians of their honorific privileges and their sacrifices, had Zeus not taken notice, and counselled with his heart.

This goes together with the remarkable absence of secondary narratives from Th. 116–end. (2) Unrestricted use of evaluative terms in the narrator-text: the Homeric (→) distinction between ‘character language’ and ‘narrator language’ virtually confines evaluative terms to the speeches. The same cannot be said about Hesiod. g. They [sc. the Titans and the Olympian gods] had been fighting each other continually now for ten full years, and the fight gave them pain at heart (thumalg¯es); and to neither side came solution of the bitter (khalepos) strife … (Th.

G. ‘Now you and I must remember our meal. For even Niobe remembered to eat … But she remembered to eat when she was worn out with weeping. … Come then, we also must remember to eat’: Il. g. ‘I could not tell you all the exploits of enduring Odysseus, so many as there are. But here is something he did and endured …’: Od. 240– 243)27 or the ‘aporia’ motif (‘what shall I tell you first, what last; for the gods have given me many sorrows’: Od. 14–15), or some form of conclusion (‘all this I told you in truth, sorrowful though I am’: Od.

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