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By Anthony T. Tu and William Gaffield (Eds.)

content material: Structure-function kinfolk of average pollutants and nerve brokers : an outline / Anthony T. Tu and William Gaffield --
Cytotoxins and different bioactive compounds from coral reef organisms / Tatsuo Higa, Ikuko I. Ohtani, and Junichi Tanaka --
mobile signaling in PC12 cells plagued by pardaxin / S. Abu-Raya ... [et al.] --
Anti-aflatoxigenic materials of Pistacia and Juglans species / Russell J. Molyneux, Noreen Mahoney, and Bruce C. Campbell --
present study on mycotoxins : fumonisins / W. Thomas Shier, Petra A. Tiefel, and Hamed ok. Abbas --
Bacterial typing and id by way of mass spectrometry / T. Krishnamurthy ... [et al.] --
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids : physicochemical correlates of metabolism and toxicity / Ryan J. Huxtable and Roland A. Cooper --
move of pyrrolizidine alkaloids into eggs : nutrients security implications / John A. Edgar and Leslie W. Smith --
Calystegine alkaloids within the potato and different foodstuff vegetation / A.A. Watson ... [et al.] --
New alkaloids from Phalaris Spp. : a reason for challenge? / Neil Anderton ... [et al.] --
usual pollutants from toxic vegetation affecting reproductive functionality in cattle / K.E. Panter ... [et al.] --
Mechanistic research of Veratrum alkaloid-induced mammalian teratogenesis / William Gaffield ... [et al.] --
research and fractionation of cigarette tar extracts : what motives DNA harm? / Koni Stone and William A. Pryor --
Molecular neurosurgery : utilizing plant pollution to make hugely selective neural lesions / R.G. Wiley --
Plant-associated hepatogenous photosensitization illnesses / Arne Flåøyen --
Probing the constitution, functionality, dynamics, and folding of snake venom cardiotoxins / T.K.S. Kumar, T. Sivaraman, and C. Yu --
constructions and pharmacological actions of phospholiase A₂s from Agkistrodon halys Pallas / Z.-J. Lin ... [et al.] --
Snake venom disintegrin : an efficient inhibitor of breast melanoma progress and dissemination / Francis S. Markland and Qing Zhou --
deadly pollution of lizard venoms that own kallikrein-like task / Anthony T. Tu --
evaluate of sarin terrorist assaults in Japan / Anthony T. Tu --
Toxicological research of sufferers' blood and crime scene facts samples within the sarin gasoline assault as a result of the Aum Shinrikyo cult / Y. Seto ... [et al.] --
An assault with sarin nerve fuel at the Tokyo subway approach and its results on sufferers / Y. Ogawa ... [et al.] --
Preparedness opposed to nerve agent terrorism / Tetsu Okumura ... [et al.] --
selection of metabolites of nerve agent O-ethyl-S-2-diisopropylaminoethyl methylphosphonothioate (VX) / H. Tsuchihashi ... [et al.] --
average compounds and doping / R. Klaus Mueller ... [et al.].

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The failure of the shell as a physical barrier to prevent contamination of the kernel by aflatcndgemc Aspergillus strains renders the discovery of phytochemical resistance factors more significant. Plant constituents which confer resistance to infection can be classified as phytoalexins or phytoanticipins (12). Phytoalexins are inducible metabolites, formed de novo after infection, either by gene derepression or activation of latent enzyme systems. Phytoanticipins are constitutive metabolites, present in situ, either in the active form or easily generatedfroma precursor.

16. Hedin, P. ; Collum, D. ; Langhans, V. ; Graves, C. H. J. Agric. Food Chem. 1980, 28, 340-342. 17. ; Cary, J. ; Cleveland, T. E; Payne, G. ; Linz, J. E. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 1995, 61, 2365-2371. 18. ; Molyneux, R. J. unpublished results. 19. Campbell, B. -S. ; Light, D. , Molyneux, R. ; Roitman, J. ; Merrill, G. ; Baker, J. ; Mehelis, C. N. Proc. Aflatoxin Elimination Workshop, Memphis, T 28 Oct 1997, p. 20. 20. Light, D. , Mehelis, C. N. Proc. Aflatoxin Elimination Workshop, Memphis, TN.

On the basis of this data it appears that the toxicity of aflatoxins is comparable with other natural hepatotoxins and may well be exceeded by the pyrrolidine alkaloids, which are not so stringently regulated. Nevertheless, the perception of the extreme hazards of aflatoxin has recently received supportfromnews reports that Iraq has admittedfillingballistic warheads and bombs with botulinum, anthrax and aflatoxin (3,4). Even if the human toxicity of aflatoxins is accepted, it is difficult to rationalize use of these compounds as an offensive tactical weapon, because the debilitating effects of human exposure would not be immediate and incapacitating.

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