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By Eric Brown

Science fiction meets crime noir, as Jeff Vaughan, jaded telepath, hired through the spaceport specialists on Bengal Station, discovers a sinister cult that worships a mysterious alien god. We keep on with Vaughan as he makes an attempt to unravel the murders and keep himself from the psichopath out to kill him. this can be Eric Brown's effective go back to demanding SF.

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There had been a time when he looked forward to his shift aboard a ship, curious about its make and origins—even curious about the mindset of the disembarking colonists. The repetition of the years, though, the incessant scanning of minds that displayed the same old set of human sins and evils, now made every shift a test of endurance. For three hours at the beginning of this stint Vaughan had mingled with the crew in the exit foyer of the Xerxes, scanning the minds of the weary travellers for evidence of crime aforethought, the give-away guilt of illegal immigrants.

The killer probably came in this close," Vishi said. " He pointed to the lighted square of a French window, open to a trim lawn on the shoulder of the pyramid. The room was full of officials going about the business of investigation, the efficient machine of law enforcement at work. " "There was a constant progression of traffic going through this way just before midnight, when the killing occurred. " Chandra nodded. They landed in the plaza below the Sapphire building. Already reporters and vid-film crews were encamped on the sidewalk beneath the blue and white striped awning.

The stench of oil added to the humid atmosphere, a fetid miasma he found difficult to inhale. The boy’s diluted emotions grew stronger: he had halted. Vaughan paused behind him. Light spilled from a rectangular aperture in a broad pillar, revealing the boy swinging aside a heavy metal hatch. He climbed down, and Vaughan followed with difficulty. He was inside one of the columns that ran through the Station from top to bottom, anchoring the construction to the seabed. He climbed down a narrow metal ladder welded to the condensation-slick wall, a meagre light every five metres illuminating the way.

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