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By De Witt L. Sumners

Geometry and topology are topics often thought of to be "pure" arithmetic. lately, in spite of the fact that, many of the equipment and ends up in those components have stumbled on new application in either wet-lab technological know-how (biology and chemistry) and theoretical physics. Conversely, technological know-how is influencing arithmetic, from posing questions that decision for the development of mathematical versions to exporting theoretical equipment of assault on long-standing difficulties of mathematical curiosity. according to an AMS brief direction held in January 1992, this e-book includes six introductory articles on those interesting new connections. There are articles via a chemist and a biologist approximately arithmetic, and 4 articles by way of mathematicians writing approximately technology. All are expository and require no particular wisdom of the technological know-how and arithmetic concerned. simply because this ebook communicates the pleasure and application of arithmetic learn at an straight forward point, it's a good textbook in a complicated undergraduate arithmetic path.

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There are at least two points on every line, and then an at least three points on every plane which do not lie on the same straight line. 4 and Three points which do not 5. lie on the same straight line deter- mine one and only one plane. // two points of a line 6. lie on a plane, then all points of the line lie on the plane. If two planes have one point in common, they have at least one other 7. point in common. There exist at least four points which do not 8. Among the lie on the same plane.

In this, his Logica demon- was the application of the ancient, powerful method described above to the treatment of formal logic. It was only natural that, in casting about for material to which his favorite method might be applied, Saccheri should eventually try it strattva, the innovation out on that famous and baffling problem, the proof of the Fifth So far as we know, this was the first time anyone had Postulate. thought of denying the Postulate, of substituting for it a contra- statement in order to observe the consequences.

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