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With the advent of a cheaper and ready supply of titanium, this has been used to a considerable extent in the plating industry for anode baskets, anode hooks and clamps; it can also serve as an insoluble conductor to the nickel metal which still performs as a soluble anode. Anode hooks manufactured in titanium are tapped into conventional anodes in the usual manner but have an advantage in that the hooks do not dissolve even if they become submerged. Titanium is an ideal material for the construction of the aforementioned components 34 since it has an adherent oxide film.

2). In the latter case, the higher conductivity of the solution is its most important feature. In the extreme case, only chloride is present and this type of bath is used for heavy nickel plating. All the solutions in this category have good conductivity, good throwing power, and high current densities are permissible3. 2. Concentration ranges of high and all-chloride baths Chemical Concentration range (g/1) Nickel chloride, NiCl? · 6H 2 Ot Nickel sulphate, NiSÖ 4 · 6H 2 0* Boric acid, H 3 BO, 100 to 300 0 to 200 20 to 55 Note.

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