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With attribute intelligence, wit, and feminist perception, Ellen Willis addresses democracy as she sees it: “a dedication to person freedom and egalitarian self-government in each sector of social, fiscal, and cultural life.” relocating among scholarly and down-to-earth activist writing kinds, Willis confronts the conservative backlash that has slowly eroded democratic beliefs and advances of the Nineteen Sixties in addition to the interior debates that experience usually splintered the left.

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From her dubious hypothesis Person reaches the following conclusions: "Many women have the capacity to abstain from sex without negative psychological consequences. " I hope that in the current conservative climate Person is having second thoughts, but I'm not counting on it. " No doubt about it—when one must endure abstinence, repression, or suppression, the capacity to adapt does come in handy. But somehow I always imagined that feminism was about rebelling, not adapting. Lust Horizons 9 It has been years since feminist sexual conservatism (a contradiction in terms, really) has had to face any sustained or organized opposition, but that is beginning to change.

Finally, the sexual revolution did not seriously challenge the taboo on lesbianism (or homosexuality in general). At its inception, the women's liberation movement was dominated by young women who had grown up during or since the emergence of sexual libertarian ideology; many radical feminists came out of the left and the counterculture, where that ideology was particularly strong. Unsurprisingly, one of the first issues to surface in the movement was women's pent-up rage at men's one-sided, exploitative view of sexual freedom.

In my view, the reason for this development (or at least its catalyst) was the rise of the new right. O of its energy to making a radical critique of liberalism. " But as liberalism fell apart, so did the apparent feminist consensus on sex. Confronted with a right-wing backlash bent on reversing social acceptance of non-marital, non-procreative sex, feminists like me, who saw sexual liberalism as deeply flawed by sexism but nonetheless a source of crucial gains for women, found themselves at odds with feminists who dismissed the sexual revolution as monolithically sexist and shared many of the attitudes of conservative moralists.

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