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By E.L. Hahn, B.K. Tenn, M.P. Augustine (auth.), Janez Dolinšek Professor Dr., Marija Vilfan Professor Dr., Slobodan Žumer Professor Dr. (eds.)

This e-book offers a survey of contemporary examine within the fields of condensed subject physics and chemistry in keeping with novel NMR and ESR recommendations. functions comprise quantum computing, steel nanoparticles, low dimensional magnets, fullerenes as atomic cages, superconductors, porous media, and laser assisted stories. The ebook is devoted to Professor Robert Blinc, at the party of his 70th birthday, in appreciation of his impressive medical accomplishments within the NMR of condensed matter.

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De Abstract. Magnetic resonance techniques for the measurement of dipole-dipole couplings between spins are discussed with special emphasis on the underlying concepts and on their relation to site-specific distance determination in complex materials. Special care is taken to reveal the approximations involved in data interpretation and to examine the range of their validity. Recent advances in the understanding of measurements on multi-spin systems and in the extraction of spin-to-spin pair correlation functions from dipolar evolution functions are highlighted and demonstrated by selected experimental examples from the literature.

For macroscopically oriented systems such as crystals or liquid-crystals such a separation is feasible in both NMR and EPR spectroscopy by studying the orientation dependence of the spectra. For macroscopically disordered systems fast sample reorientation during an NMR experiment (see Sect. 5) can be used to average the dipole-dipole coupling, so that the J coupling can be measured separately. In the next Section we shall see that analysis of the lineshape corresponding to the total spin-spin coupling (dipole-dipole and isotropic J coupling) also provides unique values for ωdd and J.

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