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As a rule, like with other occupational cancers, contact with the carcinogenic agent was prolonged in arsenic cancers of the respiratory organs, extending over many months or years. Exposure, on the other hand, did not need to be continuous but was often intermittent. Because arsenic is relatively readily excreted through various channels from the body (Table 30), this fact is important 37 Arsenic for medicolegal and diagnostic reasons. Chemical analyses for arsenic in hairs, nails, etc. performed years after arrest of contact, therfore, may amounts of arsenic above the "normal" level, which, on the other hand, within a wide range because of the common environmental exposure to the urine, not show may vary arsenicals Table 30.

An identical number of asbestosis cases were seen between 1940 and 1960 by O'DONNELL and MANN at post mortem examinations of patients coming from a small town with a large asbestos brake lining plant. It should be obvious from even these fragmentary data that asbestosis is still a frequent and often fatal occupational disease among workers of many countries, even if comprehensive and long-term medical and pathological studies on the large and growing worker populations having occupational contact with asbestos dust are lacking.

Compounds of Economic Importance (tri- and pentavalent): Arsenic metal and alloys, Ores of Silver, Gold, Copper, Tin, Lead, Cobalt, Nickel, Antimony, Iron (Pyrite), Realgar, Orpiment Arsenic acid, Arsenious acid, Arsenic trioxide, Arsenic pentoxide, Sodium arsenite, Calcium arsenate, Copper arsenate, Lead arsenate, Cupric Acetoarsenite (Paris Green), Cupric arsenite (Scheele's Green), Schweinfurt Green, London purple, Wolman's salt, Arsine (Arseniuretted Hydrogen), Arsanilic acid, Cacodylates, Arsphenamines, Lewisite, etc.

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