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By Barry Molloy

Of Odysses and Oddities is set scales and modes of interplay in prehistory, particularly among societies on each side of the Aegean and with their nearest neighbours overland to the north and east. The 17 contributions consider tensions on the middle of the way we ponder interplay in archaeology, rather the motivations and mechanisms resulting in social and fabric encounters or displacements. associated with this are the methods we conceptualise spatial and social entities in previous societies (scales) and the way we know about who used to be actively engaged in interplay and the way and why they have been (modes). The papers supply a extensive chronological, spatial and fabric variety yet, taken jointly, they severely tackle some of the ways in which scales and modes of interplay are thought of in archaeological discourse. eventually, the goal is to foreground fabric tradition research within the improvement of the arguments awarded inside of this quantity, expert, yet now not pushed, via theoretical positions.

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