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During the depths of the Great Depression in the early 1930s, it was not difficult to find a congregation in a small town that averaged thirty to forty people at worship on Sunday morning, was served by a full-time married minister whose wife was not employed outside the home, and the minister did not have any outside source of income except for the garden in the back yard. Twenty years later, that average attendance figure had to be raised to fifty to sixty to enable one to find many churches with a full-time ordained minister--and there was approximately one chance in four that the minister's wife was employed outside the home.

How do our members view this church? Do they "poor mouth" it when talking with their friends? Or do our members have a healthy pride in this congregation? In most numerically growing churches the members are enthusiastic about (a) their faith as Christians, (b) the congregation of which they are members, and (c) their minister. ) If the members of your church do not have a strong, positive self-image, rectifying that should be the first step in developing a church growth strategy. 2. What is the time frame used for planning and program development?

Another approach is to assume that the enlistment of new members is the responsibility of the minister. A more constructive approach might be to develop a strategy for new-member recruitment. Here again, it is important to tailor that strategy to the resources and distinctive characteristics of the small church rather than to attempt to copy a large-church model. The process for developing this strategy in many small congregations probably should include consideration of these twelve questions.

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