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During this quantity, that is devoted to H. Seifert, are papers according to talks given on the Isle of Thorns convention on low dimensional topology held in 1982.

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Along crystal boundaries. (D) SEM of porous dolomite domain (right in B). The crystals are also planar-s but much larger than those in (C), and there is significant intercrystalline porosity and permeability. 24 H. G. MACHEL Fig. 9. Development of matrix-selective dolomitization, subsequent dissolution of unreplaced biochems (mainly brachiopods), marginal recrystallization around moulds, and subsequent partial dissolution of dolomite. All samples are from the Upper Devonian Grosmont Formation, Alberta, Canada.

Amthor et al 1993, 1994). The claim that most dolostones are more porous and permeable than limestones is contentious, van Tuyl (1914, p. 259) stated that 'Some dolomites are very compact, but most of them are vesicular and porous', a view held for many years. Schmoker & Halley (1982) and Halley & Schmoker (1983), however, demonstrated with porosity-depth profiles of Cenozoic carbonates in southern Florida that many dolostones that have not been buried too deeply (less than about 1 km) have porosities equal to or less than those of adjacent limestones.

If these processes can be quantified, the diagenetic evolution of a dolomitized rock unit could be used as a predictor for the petrophysical properties of the resulting dolostone reservoir unit (Woody et al. 1996). Dolomite geochemistry A wide range of geochemical methods may be used to characterize dolomites and dolostones, and to decipher their origins. g. Land 1980; Tucker & Wright 1990; Allen & Wiggins 1993; see also various case studies in Purser et al. 1994). This paper cannot discuss all of these possibilities, most of which are adequately covered in the references cited.

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