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The two girls had been best friends practically from the crib. Kate could handle crying. Brian, though—crying made him feel pretty useless. Especially coming from Jaynie. She was Kate’s best friend, but she was Brian’s friend too. They had spent plenty of weekends fishing out on Wolf Bay and diving out in the Gulf. She was practically one of the guys and Brian was pretty sure that he’d be equally as uncomfortable if one of the guys had shown up at his doorstep crying. Granted, he wasn’t so sure he’d be tempted to punch somebody’s lights out for making one of them cry.

Kate looked at her, and distantly Jaynie saw how pissed Kate was on her behalf. She only wished she could be pissed as well, instead of hurt. “You son of a bitch,” Kate snarled. ” “Stay out of this, bitch,” Dean snapped. 18 One of the Guys Jaynie crossed the distance between them in two long strides. She was reeling from the pain and when he turned on Kate again, the anger swelled inside her like a lifesaver. She grabbed on to it as though it would keep her from drowning. Striking out, Jaynie caught him square on the jaw.

Yeah, dirty talk did her in every time, but she’d had no idea that Brian’s playful domination could get her that hot. “Damn it, Brian. ” He shifted his grip so that he held both wrists in one hand, pinning them to the mattress over her head. Then he slid his free hand between her thighs and pushed a thick finger inside her. ” “No,” she groaned, frustrated. She tried to lift up for him, but he wouldn’t let her. He leaned back over her, using his big body to keep hers immobile. She couldn’t reach for him, either because he still held her wrists in one hand, stretching her arms high over her head.

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