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By Eric Mann

An organizing manifesto for the twenty-first century, Playbook for Progressives is a must have for the activist’s software equipment. This accomplished consultant articulates pragmatically what's required within the frequently mystifying and infrequently defined on-the-ground perform of organizing. right here, Eric Mann distills classes he discovered from over 40 years as an organizer, in addition to from different organizers in the civil rights, exertions, LGBT, financial justice, and environmental routine.

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This is also when the new contact has to transition from joining the organization because of a specific organizer to meeting a lot of people in the group and wanting to be a team player. The group builder is a mentor and pays great attention to leadership development within the organization. The group builder focuses on creating forms of organization and healthy group dynamics that keep significant numbers of members engaged and committed. When I worked with CORE, the first group builder I met was George Wiley.

Today Local 1422 is thriving. Ken Riley is a major figure in South Carolina civil rights and labor politics; and the victories of the case have strengthened the labor movement in South Carolina more than a decade later. This is the legacy of a successful strategist. The Tactician Where the successful organizer in the role of strategist must keep the organization on course, the organizer as tactician leads the struggle on the ground to carry out the objectives of the broader strategy. He analyzes the opponent's strengths, weaknesses, and game plan and anticipates the opponent's moves.

ROLE I: THE FOOT SOLDIER 7 the street. She was a specific reflection of the oppression of Black women and Black people generally in the neighborhood we were working in. }essie had given me a gift, a vulnerable window into her life, because she knew I would not judge but would struggle to understand. It was her plea to me, as a friend and organizer, and to the movement to change the unbearable conditions of the people in the Newark ghetto. It made me want to work harder, to fight harder, to fight for }essie and her family.

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